August 2, 2016

Two Months Old

Wow, how is my baby two months old already!? Time is flying. Here's a little update on her and some photos taken throughout her second month of life!

she smiles a lot now. There's nothing more adorable than seeing your baby's toothless grin! She smiles all the time now, I love it! I'm waiting for that first little laugh.

she's a tad bit colicy. Lux developed colic this past month. Colic is just when a baby cries and cries for no reason at all -well, no one knows why as of yet- and there isn't a whole lot you can do to sooth them. You just have to wait it out. Her fussy time as we like to call it can land anywhere between 6pm and 9pm. Its really strange how colic works because when I googled it that's pretty much the exact same times that it affects a lot of other babies. At the beginning of the month she would cry for 2 to 3 hours straight. It was exhausting! But luckily now it only lasts about 20 minutes so I think it may be starting to go away.

she loves trying to stand. Craig has been holding her up and letting her feel what its like to put weight on her legs (not letting her go obviously) and she loves it! You can see the excitement on her little face. And she's so strong!! She's also been trying to hold her head up by herself a lot more lately.

she really likes Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash has become her new favorite singer! I put a playlist on Youtube and let her listen to it and she smiles so much and makes little noises almost like she's trying to sing along with him. The songs can also be used to calm her down. Her favorites seem to be Walk the Line and Ring of Fire.

she went on her first amusement ride. Earlier in the month we went to a park called Atlantic Playland. Obviously Lux isn't old enough for any of the rides but I went with my sister and 3 year old niece and it was really fun. We did go for a spin on the carousel though as it wasn't going fast at all. She seemed to enjoy it :)

she never cries when she has a poopy diaper. This is just crazy to me. You always know when Lux is having a poo because her face turns as red as a tomato and she grunts! The thing is, she doesn't cry when her diaper is full! Most of the time she ends up falling asleep straight after. I guess you could say after all that pushing she's pooped- hah hah

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Oh my, she is so cute! I love the close up photo of her face with her eyes closed - so precious! I'm glad her crying is getting better, it must have been frustrating for you to not be able to soothe her!
    Amanda Gouthro 

    1. Oh it becomes very frustrating at times but you just have to remember that its not their fault! :)

  2. OMG!!! So cuteeeee my heart is melting! She's gonna be a stunner for sure!


    Tamara -

    1. awe thank you!! She's a beauty alright! :)

  3. She is soooo adorable ;-) You are a lucky mama! She sounds so well-behaved!

    Stephanie |

    1. I certainly am :) She's amazing!

  4. You have made one good looking baby! You have such a wonderful little family and it's so lovely to see pictures!

    Meme xx

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