August 16, 2016

Wishlist | Suzy Shier & H&M

  Pointelle Duster Sweater // Suzy Shier

 Striped Top with Elbow Patch // Suzy Shier

 Ankle Boots // H&M

 Woven Scarf // H&M

 Plaid Chiffon Blouse // Suzy Shier

I was at Suzy Shier the other day looking for an outfit for a wedding and it's put me in a serious mood to shop! Too bad my bank account won't allow me to go on a full out spree but a girl can wish right? I saw that pointelle duster sweater there and I soo wish I had of just bought it but sadly I left it there sitting on the rack *sigh* Next time! You can click on the hearts to go to the website for each item!

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