September 26, 2016

Shubenacadie Wildlife Park

Last weekend the fam jam and I took a little trip to the wildlife park. The day started as usual...

Me: What do you want to do today?
Craig: I don't know
Me: Want to go to the wildlife park?
Craig: Okay

Superb planners we are.

The wildlife park grounds are beautiful. Whimsy and forested.
The air was warm and refreshing scented by flowers and a little bit of animal poo.

There's an abundance of wildlife ranging from turkeys to cougars to bears to wolves. They claim that most of these animals were either hurt in the wild or were born in captivity and have become too dependant upon humans, therefore, they cannot be released back into the wild. While I have no doubt that these creatures are well taken care of I just couldn't help but feel sad as we walked around, staring into cages.

The peacocks definitely ran the show. They were just roaming freely, everywhere you looked. Probably taunting the other animals with their free-ness.

As this was Lux's first time at a wildlife park we of course needed to go to the gift shop and buy her a little souvenir in the form of a pretty glammed out snake.

We also picked up a souvenir for ourselves. A little glass squirrel.

You might thinking, why a squirrel?

Well, the funniest thing happened at the park.

We stopped for a pee break about halfway through and as we were standing around a funny little squirrel made its way over to Lux's stroller and hopped up on the wheel. I thought this was the cutest thing until that little critter decided to run up the stroller and run across Lux's head! It left a tiny little scratch but honestly it was just so funny we couldn't stop laughing.

So even though I had some sad feelings towards the caged animals, all in all we had a pretty wonderful day.



  1. Aww! my family went there at the end of August! My sister was able to feed the swans but I was too scared!

    Amanda Gouthro 

    1. Craig was too! He kept trying to get me to feed them but I was terrified!! haha

  2. Lux has the most gorgeous eyes!! And that story about the squirrel is so funny!

    1. Thank you!! I don't know where she gets them. I have brown and Craig has green! lol I will never forget that little squirrel haha

  3. The post is so amazing! I love it:)

  4. This looks like a lovely way of spending the day as a family :) The story about the squirrel sounds so funny - hope your little one's scratch isn't too bad!

    1. Oh it was funny haha! The scratch was very small. No worries :)

  5. I want to go here! It looks so lovely and exactly the type of day out Jake and I would enjoy. I wish places like this let dogs in because Baker loves looking at ducks and geese and stuff too! haha
    Oh bless Lux with the squirrel! That is so funny but poor thing, I hope she didn't get too much of a fright. It sounds like the squrrel must have taken a liking to her <3 Love it.


    1. haha it didn't seem to faze her one bit! I, on the other hand, became very wary every time another squirrel ran past us!! haha I'm convinced it was the same squirrel following us around!