September 28, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #1

After reading Michelle's Wonderful Wednesday posts for quite some time now, I've decided that it might be nice to write down all the things that have reached the wonderful scale in my life during the week!

 B U Y I N G  L U X ' S  C R I B
We held off on getting Lux a crib because she was supposed to sleep in her bassinet next to our bed until she was at least five months old. To make a long story short- she hated the bassinet and has been sleeping in our bed for the last two months. Now we have her crib all set up and I can finally stretch out in my own bed again! It'll be glorious.

♥ T H E  S C A R E C R O W  F E S T I V A L
It truly is a wonderful week when all the fun, festive fall things start popping up! We spent the day in the South Shore walking the streets of Mahone Bay looking at all of the awesome scarecrows set up around town. I'll have a post up soon about it!

♥ S Q U A S H T A S T I C
The day of the scarecrow festival we also went to Squashtastic. We've never been before and it ended up just being a farmer's market type of deal with a couple of sculptures made out of squash. We were totally diggin' it though. We bought a bunch of pumpkins and squash really cheap. Bonus.

♥ S K O R  F U D G E
OMG. I have never tasted anything so delightful in my LIFE. We bought a small hunk of skor fudge while we were at Squashtastic and I'm now wishing we went back and stocked up on the stuff. Even Craig couldn't contain his drooling once he tried it and he doesn't even like fudge. I wish I had a photo to show you guys but it vanished rather quickly once we got into the car...

♥ P R O V I N C I A L  P A R K  V I S I T S
I managed to knock off four more provincial parks this weekend. It helped that they were all rather close to one another but I was quite excited about it.

♥ P U M P K I N  S P I C E  W A X  M E L T S
The smell of pumpkin spice filling our apartment is giving me all of the fall feels.



  1. Ohh pumpkin spice wax melts sound amazing! Definitely getting those autumn vibes down.

  2. You know I don't have a clue what pumpkin spice even smells like, I feel like I need to get onto it, asap!


  3. The scarecrow festival sounds like a whole lot of fun! Fudge!! We absolutely love fudge. Now we're craving some. We might have to pop out and pick some up this weekend! Thanks :p

    A Pair of Ones | Bloglovin

    1. It was tons of fun :) We loved it! Fudge is awesome. You should totally go get some :)