December 16, 2016

A to Z of Me!

I've seen this tag around. You've seen this tag around. LET'S DO IT!

 A-ALLERGIES...I am allergic to SO many things. All animals with anything resembling fur, milk, mascara- you name it, I'm probably allergic to it.

 B-BLOGGING...Starting a blog is one of the best things I could have done for myself. I've definitely built up an online confidence that I hope leeks out into my actual day to day life..

♥ C-CRAIG...My love and my best friend.

 D-DOGS...Even though I'm allergic I've always had a soft spot for dogs. There's a breed called Native American Indian Dogs and they're supposed to be the most hypo-allergenic dogs ever and I hope to come across one some day so I can see if my allergies are lessened by them.

♥ E-ESSIE...My favourite nail polish.

 F-FURNITURE...I absolutely love re-doing old furniture. Getting pieces for free (or super cheap) and giving them new life is so satisfying!

♥ G-GILMORE GIRLS...One of my favourite shows. My goal is to find a cute, small town like Stars Hollow and live there happily ever after.

 H-HICCUPS...I hardly ever get hiccups and when I do its usually only one hiccup and I'm done. Lux on the other hand gets hiccups like five times a day.

♥ I-INTUITION...I feel like I have really strong intuition. I always go with my gut feeling and nine times out of ten I'm usually right.

 J-JOKES...I tell the cheesiest jokes imaginable but they always make Craig laugh....At least someone thinks I'm funny.

♥ K-KERATOSIS PILARIS...Aka Chicken Skin...yeah...I got that.

 L-LUX...My heart, my love, my one and only. The reason I get no sleep xx

♥ M-MONKEYS...When I was younger I had such an obsession with monkeys. My room was covered in them. I literally had at least 50 stuffed monkeys scattered around my room.

 N-NOSE RING...For the past few years I've really wanted a nose ring but I can't bring myself to do it.

♥ O-OCEAN...The ocean makes me so happy. I could live on a tiny island surrounded with water and I'd be content.

 P-PAINTING...I always think about painting but I don't feel like I'd be any good at it.

♥ Q-QUAHOG...Family Guy is the only cartoon that actually makes me laugh out loud.

 R-RIDING...I used to horseback ride when I was younger and I miss it all the time.

♥ S-SEAFOOD...Om nomnomnom. I could easily live off of seafood.

 T-TRAVEL...I want to travel all of Canada first and then move on to the states.

♥ U-UNIVERSE...Sometimes I sit and think about the universe. How big it is, how there are so many other planets and galaxies and how no one truly knows just how big it is and are there multiple universes? I think about it to the point where I feel overwhelmed and have to stop thinking about it.

 V-VOLLEY BALL...The one sport I dreaded playing in gym at school. I could never hit the ball hard enough to even come close to going over the net.

♥ W-WISHES...I'm one of those superstitious people who makes wishes on everything..eyelashes, first stars, 11:11.

 X-X-FILES...I feel like everyone uses this for X but I mean...what else is there? Not many people rock a xylophone these days. I do love the X-Files though. I never gave it the time of day until Craig wanted me to watch it with him and I loved it. We kind of stopped watching it but I just might pick it back up.

♥ Y-YELLOW...My favourite colour! A lot of people don't like yellow but I always felt like it was such a happy colour.

 Z-ZIP-LINING...We've gone zip-lining a few times now and its so much fun! I definitely recommend trying it.

Well, that took a lot of brain power. This tag is definitely harder than it seems! I tag anyone who's willing to give it a go! And if you've already done this leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out :)


  1. LOVE this!!! Such a great type of post to get to know someone without it being too long. We have a lot in common too! I love Yellow! Especially as it is the Hufflepuff colour :P haha

    How cute would it be if you could take Lux riding like you did as a kid?! Nothing better than letting kids interact with animals too. I think I may give this a go too...though it'll be February by the time I can fit it in haha.

    Danielle xo

    1. Yes I'm for sure going to take her riding!! I hope she loves it as much as I did :) You should definitely give it a go. I'd love to read it :)

  2. One hiccup and done? I wish that would happen for me! Haha I end up having it for so long it hurts.