December 2, 2016

Six Months Old

Omg 😭 My baby is officially half a year old!! You guys think time flies by for you- try having a baby and see how fast time goes! Her sixth month of life started out pretty slow and I thought it would be pretty quiet in terms of her learning new things but by the end of the month she sure surprised me!

We tried four new purees this month. She absolutely loves wax beans and green beans!! But she hates peas. Oh my goodness does she ever. Its the first and only food she hasn't liked so far. Bananas seemed like a no-go at first but now she loves them.

Okay so she can't actually crawl or anything but if she's lying on her stomach she can scoot herself around to get to her toys! She only goes in circles but hey! progress.

She has been teething for a while now but I think we're getting into the actual painful times. This month her sleeping schedule was thrown all out of whack and I blame those little teeth of hers. I hope one pops through soon because it breaks my heart watching her in pain and there's very little I can do to stop it.

Again...sort of. We drove all the way into the city to watch the parade of lights. Got there about an hour or more early so we could get a good spot. The parade started late and the skies opened up. I mean it down poured. A lady very kindly gave us her umbrella to use but after two floats went by we said frig this and left! They should have cancelled it in my opinion. To make matters worse, our car was parked a twenty minute walk away!! We were drenched haha and then had to drive an hour home soaking wet. It wasn't fun in the moment but its something we'll look back on and laugh at I'm sure.

Lux says mama now!! It's the most adorable thing I've ever heard and I secretly relish in the fact that she said mama before dada 😏

She fiiiiiiinally rolled over!! We have been trying to get her to roll over for a while now and she finally did it! She's only done it about six times so far but still. She can do it!

I really hope you guys enjoyed her sixth month update! I still can't believe she's been with us for six months already. Until next time!


  1. I really didn't realise how quick time went until I had my daughter! she is also 6months and I seriously can't believe it. They never stop surprising you do they!

    Stacey White

    1. I know isn't it crazy!? They really do learn so much so fast :)

  2. I cannot get over how adorable she is! I mean just look at that smile!! <3 xxx

  3. Oh, how adorable - your little Rolling Queen, haha :) I can't believe how fast time is flying to the point that she's now six months old!

  4. Omg, she is so adorable! I loved all these pictures and reading about your little one :)