January 3, 2017

7 Months Old

Seven months has just flown by it seems. I just cannot believe how big she is and so smart. She amazes me everyday. Let's see what she got up to this month!

6  M O N T H  N E E D L E S
She had her six month needles this month and she did extremely well! It was only one needle this time instead of two so it was quick and easy. She doesn't have to get any other needles until she turns one but at that time she'll have to get three! Not looking forward to that one.

P I C T U R E S  W I T H  S A N T A
Her first encounter with Santa!! She wasn't scared at all. I was actually really surprised. She was just smiling away. Super cute.

C U P  D R I N K E R
Lux loves drinking from cups! Every single time we have a glass of water she starts waving her arms wanting to have a drink. She obviously can't hold the glass herself but she totally knows how to drink from it.

L I V I N G  R O O M  S L E E P I N G
For about a week she seemed to be going through something at night. I'm not sure if its due to her teething or if she was having bad dreams but bedtime was pretty stressful around here. She would sleep perfectly at naptime throughout the day but once the evening came she would freak out and cry so hard she would start fretting. The only thing that would calm her and allow her to sleep was turning the chair against the wall and letting her fall asleep in the chair. Once she fell asleep she was fine to be put in her crib but holy it was tough. 

S H E  S A Y S  D A D A
She started off with saying mama first so we started trying to learn dada. Once she started saying Dada, mama went right out the window! Seriously, the only time she'll say mama now is when she's upset.

B U B B L E  B L O W E R
She's figured out how to blow bubbles with her mouth and its the cutest friggin thing. She'll sit there for like ten minutes straight blowing bubbles making a mwhaa sound.

So that's all we've got for this month's update. I have a feeling this next month will be quite interesting :)


  1. I've never read an update like this before but I really enjoyed reading it. I don't have kids but this sure made me a little broody haha!


    1. haha super glad you enjoyed reading it! :) xx


    She grew up so fast, wow! Lux is beautiful, and she's already doing so much in just seven months.

    xx BASH   ||   HEY BASH

    1. Aww thank you Bash! She sure is growing fast. I swear the day she turned 7 months it was like she grew up overnight. That day she started flipping around in her crib and grabbed her bottle and fed herself when she woke up! It was crazy haha :)

  3. Oh my she's adorable! x

    Jessica — NinetyCo