January 25, 2017

What My 7 Month Old Eats in a Month + Bulk Food Haul

I wanted to write this post for a few reasons;

1) If you're anything like me you constantly google what you should be feeding your baby at certain ages, how much they should be eating and so on.

2) When you find online forums about this topic the negativity can be quite overwhelming with one person bashing the puree method and another person bashing the BLW method. It can all be too much.

3) I wanted to show that you can find fantastic food for your baby to last an entire month without breaking the bank.

First, I want to point out that every baby is different and every parent is different. What works for one family may not work for another and that's okay. I'm astounded by how many "internet experts" there are and how rude they can be when voicing their opinions about what and how a baby should be fed.

I want you to know that there is no "wrong method". If you feel better giving your baby purees, do it! If you want to test out baby led weaning, go for it! Children should not be considered "less capable" just because a parent doesn't like the BLW method.

With that being said, I prefer feeding my child baby cereal and pureed food. I'm a constant worrier and always fear that my baby may choke if I tried BLW. And that's okay. That doesn't mean she's any less advanced then the next child. She might be a pro at eating food on her own. I don't know, because I've never tried.

As I'm sure every one has already heard at some point "food before one is just for fun". Your baby doesn't need "real food" for all of their nutrients. They should still be getting a healthy amount of formula or breast milk as their main source of nutrients. So let's dive into what I purchased for my seven month old for a month's worth of food and how I go about feeding her.

Five cases of Parent's Choice Sensitive to Lactose formula - $16.97 each
Three boxes of Gerber baby cereal - $3.47 each
Five 213 ml jars of Heinz pureed baby food - $1.00 each
Twenty five packs of Parent's Choice purees - $1.00 each

TOTAL COST: $125.26

Lux has been on this formula since she was about 2 weeks old. We tried breastfeeding but she couldn't latch on properly and wasn't getting enough so we had to try formula. We tried two different kinds before this stuff which made her puke constantly so we decided to try the sensitive to lactose kind and its been working like a charm ever since. A case normally lasts us about 5-6 days so we picked up 5 cases for the month.

This is our first time buying the big jars for her. We mostly bought them because they introduce meat into her diet. A few we picked up were vegetable, pork and apple and chicken vegetable paella. I'm excited to try them!

These things are amazing! We used to buy the heinz jars all the time but when I found these I was ecstatic. They're the same size serving as the jars but you have the option of squeezing them into a bowl to feed or letting your baby eat straight from the pack if you're on the go somewhere. And the selection is incredible. We bought 25 packs and only 3 were doubles. So there were 22 different flavours to choose from compared to heinz having like 6 different flavours. Not to mention the variety is SO good! Here's an example of some of the flavours you can buy; Pear, peach, kale and brown rice, apple, peach and quinoa, banana, apple, zucchini and amaranth and pear, blueberry and spinach. They're also all organic!

Since Lux is almost eight months we stepped up to the eight month cereals which introduce yogurt into the diet. The three boxes we bought are wheat, yogurt and blueberry, wheat, yogurt and raspberry and wheat, yogurt, apple, pear and banana. She loves her cereal every day.

(this is a general idea of time. Sometimes she's up earlier, sometimes a nap may interfere with times and sometimes she's just fussy and will want more or less of her food that day but normally she will eat something every 3 hours or so)

8:00am When she first wakes up she'll drink about 7 to 8 oz of formula. During growth spurts I've seen her drink 9 to 10 oz at one time.
11:00am Her next feeding is a 6 oz bottle and 5 tablespoons of cereal mixed with formula. The box says to mix with water but I prefer getting that extra formula in there.
2:00pm Another 6-7 oz bottle
5:00pm I'll give her one of her purees along with a bottle but she'll usually get full from her puree and she'll only drink 4-5 oz of formula.
8:00pm 7 oz bottle before bed

So that's what we buy for a month for our baby and a generalized feeding schedule. I hope this helps you if you're ever unsure about what to buy/what to feed your baby. Like I said, don't let anyone make you feel bad because you choose purees over BLW or vice versa. Purees fill your baby up just as much as BLW does. Trust me, I have a happy and healthy 20 pound 7 month old. The average 7 month old is 17 pounds so I think she's doing alright ;)



  1. Oh wow, that's a lot of baby food! I love how informative and open you are on your blog about raising a little one Renee, I can imagine how useful it is to those at the same stage of raising a child as you :) Have a lovely weekend!


    1. Thank you Gabrielle! :) I truly hope these kinds of posts do help others in the same position !