February 27, 2017

No Motivation?

So I've not been posting very much recently. I don't have an excuse really. Just a severe lack of motivation. Honestly, there is nothing I can think of that seems interesting enough for me to sit down and write. The only thing I really feel like posting about is when we actually go out and do something fun which hasn't been happening because there really isn't all that much to do during the winter.

So just bare with me! I'm hoping with the days getting longer and Spring just around the corner I may get some motivation to blog back.

I'll have Lux's 9 month update to do in a few days so you'll  be seeing that soon.

Anyway, just wanted to update and say hey!

What do you do when you feel like you have zero motivation to blog?


  1. I've been feeling sick lately, so I totally understand having no motivation to blog!! When I'm feeling lackluster about blogging, I usually set aside a specific amount of time on the weekends to try to write and edit photos and I usually feel inspired by the end of it!


    1. My problem is I have to content TO write lol or feel like writing for that matter. Hopefully I get my groove back soon :)