February 20, 2017

What Lux Wore #1

I cannot get over how adorable this outfit is!! Shopping for Lux is 100 times more fun than shopping for myself. I saw this outfit at Winners last week and knew I had to have it. I also picked up another for her in the exact same outfit only it has a different print (which confusingly cost two dollars more?) BUT ANYWAY! It was only $12.99 for this three piece outfit and I think the cute little head band is what makes it. It's such a soft, comfortable material and I know she's going to get so much use out of it. 
Unfortunately I can't link it because Winners kind of gets like random clothing shipped to them if you know what I mean? It's good in a way because chances are you won't see anyone else with the same clothing item as you but it's also bad because if you don't pick up whatever you see right then and there chances are it'll be gone for good the next time you go in! 

What do you think of this cute outfit!? xx


  1. Kids clothes in general are wayyy cuter than adult clothes huh?! She looks so trendy!


    1. haha yes!! I wish I had half the cute clothes she owns haha

  2. Oh my goodness she's so adorable! Look at that little curly fringe! <3 xxx

  3. Super adorable and I love this print.

  4. Oh my gosh, how sweet! I love how the romper comes with a little matching headband :)


  5. i can't handle how cute she is! Love the matching headband!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com