March 15, 2017


On Sunday March 12th, around 5pm, my precious baby received second degree burns...

It's unsettling to realize how quickly your world can be turned upside down. How the people and places around you turn blurry with adrenaline pumping through your veins.

I'm going to start by saying Lux is okay. Obviously everything is not 100% fine but she's doing exceptionally well considering.

Sunday started with a fun day of shopping -family members were up visiting.
My aunt had just bought Lux a cute pink ride in push car as an early Easter present.

It was decided that after shopping we would meet at a restaurant.

We (Craig, Lux and myself) arrived first and went in to the restaurant and got our table. The waitress asked if we wanted a high chair or a booster seat. We said high chair.
After she brought the chair over I asked for a warm glass of water to make a bottle with. When she came back Craig and I were both trying to get Lux into the seat (why do babies hate putting their legs through the seat?) and the waitress proceeded to place the cup right in front of Lux. Lux loves cups so before we even had her fully fastened in the chair she reached out and grabbed the full glass of water and tipped it all over her legs.

When I looked down at her legs I could see steam rising and Lux started screaming. I grabbed her from the seat and ripped her pants off as fast as I could. They burned within seconds. The skin on her poor little legs were just peeling off.

It wasn't warm water at all. It was scalding hot. The waitress got the water from the tea machine.

We wrapped Lux in my coat and placed her in the car and rushed to the hospital.

She received second degree burns all over her right leg (one small spot was third degree) and a few spots on her left leg. She was on morphine for three days but now it's just tylenol and advil.

They expect her to recover well. Hopefully with no, or very little, scarring.

But she is SO strong. She's still her happy little self and has only been crying while the doctors change her dressing. I think mama has been crying more than she has.

Her dressing keeps slipping so we have to go in again today to secure it better but other than that we don't have to go back until Tuesday to open up the dressing and assess the burns again.

I'm so proud of her right now for being so strong. I'll update sometime next week.


  1. Oh my gosh, I don't even have words to explain how horrible this must have been! I really hope recovers quickly. Have you complained about the waitress?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. It was awful but she's doing fantastic now :) That's all that matters. We did go in to speak to the manager but he said there wasn't really anything he could do. He did watch the tapes though and agreed it was the waitresses fault.

    2. Awh, that's some good news at least! It must be annoying that there's not much that can be done about the waitress, but she's most definitely learnt a lesson, haha!

    3. Oh I hope she did! A family restaurant should have their staff better educated when it comes to babies in the restaurant. It's common sense not to place a cup of boiling hot water in front of a baby!

  2. Oh no, the poor baby!
    My eldest, who is eleven now, did something quite similar when he was little. Thankfully it was hot liquid that had cooled down quite a bit by the time he got his hands on it, but I know how easily something like that can happen!
    Hope she is recovering well, and that you are ok too! x

    1. Thank goodness it was cooled down!
      She's doing amazing! Thank you! The last of the bandages were removed the other day and hopefully it won't leave much scarring :)