April 17, 2017

Lux's First Easter

Well Easter came and went didn't it? At least that's how it felt to me. Maybe because we were travelling and we didn't get to have a nice relaxing Easter at home.

This year we decided we would head down to Cape Breton to spend Easter with our families. We spent Easter night and part of the morning at my grandparent's house and then the rest of the morning at Craig's mother's house.

Easter night was terrible, if I'm being completely honest. Every time we travel Lux's schedule ends up all out of whack which leads to an all out of whack Lux. It's like she forgets how to sleep or something so for the duration of the trip she's tired, I'm tired and everyone is cranky.

Even though we were cranky we couldn't let that interfere with Lux celebrating her first Easter!

Since it was her first Easter and she's only ten and a half months the Easter Bunny didn't get her many toys for Easter. Mainly things she "needed". Like a spring coat, a new bathing suit and hat for the beach, socks and a pretty new Easter dress. But the bunny did make sure she received a new book, some Disney dvds, a care bear and her new favourite toy- a ride on Finding Dory train car.

After getting all dolled up and having a mini photoshoot we made our way to Craig's mom's for an easter egg hunt with Lux's cousins.

By the end of the egg hunt and after some playtime, Lux was more than ready to hit the road and start our long journey back home.

I think she had a pretty good first Easter! Next Easter will be more fun though because she'll be a little older and will sort of know what the heck is going on! 

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! 🐰