April 5, 2017

Why is Easter My Favourite Holiday?

When someone is asked what their favourite holiday is, Christmas almost always shoots out of their mouth without a second thought. With good reason. Everyone loves a bit of Christmas. 

Myself, on the other hand, I love Easter the most. 

It has nothing to do with the whole religious aspect of it- unfortunately- I'm not a very religious person. There's just something about Easter that makes me feel happy from the inside out.

I think what makes Easter so appealing is that it's the first holiday after Winter and trust me, being from Canada I am usually so ready for Spring to arrive and see the snow melt and the ice thaw. It kind of makes Easter feel like a fresh new start is upon us. 

After all the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas I feel like Easter is totally laid back and I can actually enjoy the holiday without any stress. Not to mention it isn't a "huge" holiday like Christmas so you don't feel like you have to buy everyone and their dog a present. Also, chocolate. A holiday solely dedicated to chocolate will always be one close to my heart.

Am I the only one who loves the fact that everything turns pastel around Easter!? I'm a huge sucker for pastel anything so the time leading up to and surrounding Easter is like a feast for my eyes. 

So to sum it all up- everything about Easter just makes me feel happy. How can I not choose Easter as my favourite holiday when it makes me feel so good? 

Q. What's your favourite holiday? 
Does Easter give you all the good feels too!?


  1. Although I absolutely adore Christmas, you've made some really great points as to why Easter is such a great holiday! Like you say, it's totally laid-back and relaxing :)


    1. Totally! All of my Easter memories consist of lounging around with a few Easter presents and eating my weight in chocolate :) haha

  2. I don't think I've ever known anyone say Easter is their favourite before, but you are definitely right about how nicely laid back it is, Christmas can be pretty intense!

    1. Oh really!? haha I love Easter! It's always been my favourite :)