June 5, 2017

12 Months Old

Wow! It's actually here. The last of my girl's "baby" updates. She is officially entering toddlerhood. How in the world has this year gone by so quickly? As I previously thought, this last month truly was huge in milestones.

SHE'S WALKING!! One week after she turned 11 months my baby took her first steps! Since then she's become quite speedy and prefers walking over crawling now. It's so cute watching her walk around everywhere. She's so tiny it looks like she shouldn't even be walking yet haha

TOP TEETH. Her two top teeth finally broke through. And thank heavens because she is not exactly pleasant to deal with when she is cutting teeth. Total tooth count is now at five!

NO MORE SOOTHER! This was a big one. Once we could see her top teeth coming we decided it was time to say bye-bye to her soothers. It actually went incredibly well. I think it only took about three days for her to be completely over wanting her soother. And yes, we took it away cold turkey because she really didn't bother with it a ton. She only ever needed it to fall asleep with. She was never one to just walk around throughout the day with a soother in her mouth so I think that helped a lot with taking it away!

So there wasn't a whole lot of updates for this month but the three I mentioned were pretty huge around here! During her 11th month she also went to the zoo for the first time which she loved and I got to celebrate my very first mother's day :) It's been an incredible year and I cannot quite believe Lux is one already. Here's to another great year!


  1. 12 whole months! That's crazy. I've loved following these little updates - I hope you still continue them in some form. She is so beautiful and so clever!! Happy 1 year Lux!!! <3


    1. Aw thanks Danielle! I'm glad you've enjoyed her updates :) I'll still update about her but I don't think it'll be monthly!

  2. Oh my goodness she is so precious! She looks so big in some of these pictures, especially the last one - she looks like a little girl! <3 xxx

  3. Happy birthday to the little lady!
    Walking at 11 months? My lazy little ones didn't go anywhere 'til they were well over a year old! :D