June 2, 2017

Long Time No Chat!

Soo I'm back! No, I did not get my computer fixed and no I did not save up for a new one yet. I'm currently using my brother's laptop until I can get a new one for myself so I'm trying to get a bunch of drafts written up!

A little life update. We have finally finished moving! It was hectic for a few days there but we've successfully moved everything into storage and are currently staying at my mom's place until we save a bit of money. This is good. As much as it sucks moving back into your mom's place (especially when you need to move back in with your own family in tow) this is what we needed to do at the moment. And I'm totally okay with that.

Lux just celebrated her first birthday! Which I'll be sharing on here in a couple of days! It's so crazy to think that she's one already. Where did the last year go!?

That's all I've got to update you on right now. Just wanted to say Hello!! and that I've got a few posts ready to go over the next few days :)

Thanks for sticking around!


  1. Happy birthday to the little lady, and congrats to you for getting all moved! :D