June 12, 2017

Lux's 1st Birthday

June 1st was such a fun, special day.

Lux woke up at exactly 6:15 that morning so we counted down the five minutes to 6:20 - the time she arrived exactly one year ago. At 6:20 I sang her happy birthday and I may have cried. Okay, I did cry... it just brought me back to her birth and made me realize we did it. We made it a whole year together! One whole amazing, hard, life will never be the same (in a good way) year.

For her first birthday we didn't have a "party". I mean, she's one. She won't even remember this birthday. But we did decorate, have family over and eat lots of cake. Well...I ate lots of cake.

In case it isn't obvious enough, we went with a Finding Dory theme! If I'm being truthful I think it was more for me than for her. I've been obsessed with Dory lately! She's so cute!

As is tradition, once the candles are blown out on the cake, the birthday girl gets to dig her tiny hands into the cake and try a piece for the very first time..

And so she did.

This is where the fun began. We've always known Lux had an issue with dairy but she was never full blown exposed to it before. What little bit she has had would cause a little digestive upset and not much else. Most icings I've dealt with are dairy free so I didn't think her cake would bother her too much. However, once I tasted the cake myself I came to realize the entire thing was made of whipped cream. No icing at all. To make a long story short she broke out in hives and was up majority of the night crying.

Aside from that though I think she had a fantastic first birthday! She received lots of nice gifts and even got her first skateboard...

Of course it'll be a while before she's totally ready for it but check out that balance already! She's so awesome :)

It was a day for the books that's for sure :)

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of Lux's first birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Lux! Looks like she had a fun one. :)

  2. glad you all had a good day - I love her birthday outfit, and the mess she made with her colourful cake!

    1. oh my goodness there was so much food colouring in that cake she had to soak in the tub to get it off her skin!