July 24, 2017

Dollar Lake Provincial Park | Wyses Corner, N.S

Dollar Lake is a Provincial Park I've driven past more times than I can count and never really gave it any thought. I knew I'd visit one day but I was in no rush, if you know what I mean.


Yesterday my brother suggested we head there for a beach day and let me tell you...Dollar Lake is now at the top of my list! Hands down the nicest place I've gone swimming in a long time. The lake is stunning. A beautiful sandy beach surrounded in trees. The lake floor is nothing but sand as far as you can walk out. Absolutely amazing.

I know my Provincial Park posts usually show the park with a ton of photos of it but I felt a little awkward hauling the camera out with so many people on the beach. We will definitely be heading back this summer and I promise I'll get better photos of it!

For now, here are the few I did manage to get.


  1. What a beautiful looking place! My summer so far has been sadly lacking in sun so I'm a little jealous of your bright day!

    1. Aww that's no good!! Hopefully you get a few nice, sunny days before the summer ends!

  2. wow this look soooo nice and relaxing! love it :D