July 1, 2017

Lux Lately | June Edition

Since Lux is no longer a "baby" (wahh) I won't be doing anymore monthly updates for her. But, since this blog IS named after her, I figured I should keep you guys updated every now and again with cute snaps of her and little tidbits about her!

She now has seven teeth in total. I can't believe how long it's taking these suckers to pop through! The teething process SUCKS royally. I guess we're lucky that she only seems to fuss around the time one is actually trying to push through the gums and not fussing through the entire process.

She's such a little ham whenever I whip the camera out. She's not camera shy at all (might have something to do with me having a camera stuck in her face since birth LOL)

Her hair is getting so long I'm able to braid it now! Yes. Two braids. It's as adorable as you might think.

See ^ ...total ham... :)

She roars like a dinosaur multiple times a day.

She's an amazing eater. Is that how I say that? eater? Anyway... so far I've had zero troubles with trying new foods. Her favourites at the moment include: bananas, raspberries, yogurt (dairyfree), eggs, avocado, tuna, pasta with tomato sauce, peas, carrots and blackberries.

Her vocabulary is coming along nicely. Her list of words so far include: mama, dada, nana, hi, baby, banana, drink, stink, and thanks. The last four aren't said 100% perfect but they're very close! She knows how to use them in proper context.

She follows directions. She's getting so good at following directions. She'll often help me tidy up. I'll ask her to go grab something and bring it over to me and she will.

Phew that was a lot longer than I anticipated! I don't think these will be going up monthly (but who knows- they might!) Realistically, I'll probably do a "Lux Lately" post every few months as she learns more. This little girl continues to amaze me every single day. I'm in awe most days at how smart she has become and every day I wonder how we created something so beautiful.

I truly hope you guys enjoyed her little update. Let me know if you like posts like this!


  1. That pose!! <3 She is so precious Renee! Also the second to last picture is definitely one to save for her wedding day ahah xxx

  2. She is such a little poser! Total cutie! x

    1. haha she certainly is! So funny :)

  3. I can't believe how grown up she is! A proper poser for the camera definitely haha. I love her hair, especially with the little braid at the front sooo cute and of course extra points for Minnie Mouse :P


    1. Oh tell me about it!! haha Her hair is so much fun to play with now. She loves that Minnie! Stays in her crib every night :)