August 31, 2017

Skyline Trail | Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The Skyline Trail is a trail I have been wanting to hike forever. I was born and raised on Cape Breton Island but for some reason I had never hiked this trail. Well, on a recent mini vaca to the island we decided we were finally going to hike it.

I'm just going to start by saying it was a terrible day for a hike. Especially this hike. It started out okay but halfway through the hike it started raining. And then it was pouring. And then it was so windy we couldn't even go down to the farthest boardwalk to really take in the views because the wind would have blown Lux away. I kid you not.
So the pictures I DO have are nowhere near what I wanted to end up with on this hike. It was too wet to haul my camera out so I had to settle for my cousin taking pictures on her phone really quick and sending them to me.

It makes for a fun story to look back on but in the moment I was not too happy. Here are the photos!

Even though the weather wasn't in our favour the views were still breathtaking. But we'll go back again some day when it's nicer out. 

August 30, 2017

Life Lately | Saving & Christmas Shopping!?

I can't believe I've only managed to publish one post in all of August so far (well two if we're counting this one). Time seems to be slipping away at a speed I can't keep up with.

It's not even that I've been too busy to write. I've just been trying to deal with my own stuff lately- mental health and such, you know. But I won't get into that. I figured we'd just have a chat and catch up on life.

We're still staying at my mom's place trying to save. It's going okay. I cannot wait though until we finally have our own space again.
Lux is getting SO big and so smart. She's learning a new word everyday it seems and its so fun watching her little personality form. She'll be 15 months in two days. I'll probably do another update for her soon.

I've begun my Christmas shopping *GASP*...yes Christmas. I've always started Christmas shopping in August. It makes it so much easier and less stressful. We've set a budget of two hundred for Lux for Christmas and we've picked her up three things so far totalling forty dollars- one hundred sixty to go! Two hundred may seem like a lot for a one year old for Christmas but these days $200 doesn't really go too far considering one outfit can run you twenty bucks. It makes me really excited though. Starting the shopping I mean. I'm not ready for cold winter nights just yet but I guess I'm okay with the chilly fall days making their way around the corner.

I don't really have much else to talk about. I feel like life is on stand still until we get our savings in order and get our own place again. I will try to post more frequently but honestly, I make no promises lol

What's been going on with you?

August 3, 2017

Half Year Goals (for a happier me)

I set some New Year goals in January (which I'm failing hard at btw) and I thought why not set a few more! This time though, they're goals which (I hope) will help me become a "happier" me.

We humans, are creatures of habit. Believe it or not, constant complaining- about nothing- is habit. I'm not entirely sure when I fell into this habit but when I sit back and think about it I do complain an awful lot about nothing. Things that shouldn't bother me, things that DO bother me and sometimes even things that I don't feel any particular way about. Just another excuse to complain. And guess what? It's annoying. Not only to myself but I'm sure it gets annoying to others. I feel annoyed when I'm around someone who complains constantly and here I am doing the same thing. So for my first goal and my first step to feeling more happy- I am going to try to complain less.

Too often am I quick to judge, quick to respond and quick to jump to conclusions. I'm going to try to sit back and look at the positive side to things before I form any opinions.

I am a constant worrier and I honestly need to stop. It's not healthy to worry as much as I do. I don't think it's even sane to worry as much as I do. I carry far too much stress for someone my age. My premature white hairs (yes, white) are proof. I'm forever worrying about my health (health anxiety is not fun) and I seem to be the one who worries over money the most even when there isn't much to worry about. It's hard to not worry but I'm going to try my best to control it a little better.

Even though I know I NEED to exercise, the thought of running never really appealed to me. That is until I raced Craig down the road to our car one evening and I felt incredible even running that short distance. I'm going to make an effort to run every day in the early morning.

Ever since having Lux and worrying constantly about our finances I find I never want to spend money on myself or make excuses as to why I shouldn't buy something. Well, I'm trying to convince myself that every now and then it's okay to indulge a little.

So five goals. Five goals that will hopefully help me to become a happier, better me.