September 8, 2017

What My Dairy Free Toddler Eats In A Day #1

Hey guys! I've been wanting to start this series for a little bit now. The main reason being because ever since Lux turned one and started eating "real people food" I have scoured the internet numerous times searching for toddler meal ideas. Now, I'm definitely not knocking other mom's when I say this but majority of meal ideas I came across were hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bologna, ham or turkey slices, etc. It's totally fine if that's what you like to feed your kid but those ideas just didn't sit well with me. I wanted my toddler eating a somewhat healthier diet.
I say somewhat because honestly it can be hard finding healthy food your kid will eat but if you're trying your best to choose the healthier option then hey, you're doing great in my books!

Lux is a fantastic eater. Really. I lucked out big time. The only small obstacle we face is that she's allergic to dairy. So her diet is 100% dairy free. Nothing major though- I'm allergic to dairy too so I've got a few years of diary free eating under my belt. 

So, I'll be posting a few of these "What My Dairy Free Toddler Eats In A Day" and I hope they help someone out who may be struggling to come up with ideas like I was! 

[ MILK ]

 We give Lux organic hemp milk as an alternative to cow's milk. I've done a ton of research regarding all of the different milk alternatives we could give her and hemp milk is by far the closest to regular milk than the others (besides soy but I don't feel comfortable giving her so much soy to drink). The benefits of hemp milk are incredible and it actually contains more Omega-3 than cow's milk. It has a higher fat content than almond milk and it is a great source of calcium. The only downfall is that it doesn't contain any vitamin D but we just add a D drop to her cup and she's good to go! 
Anyway, you can choose whichever milk you're most comfortable using. We use this and it's been fabulous so far. Lux will usually have about 18-22 oz of milk a day. 


apple and cinnamon oatmeal
half of a large banana
half a cup of peach daiya dairy free yogurt

This is a typical breakfast for Lux. We'll change up the oatmeal flavour, fruit and DF yogurt flavour but for the most part this is what breakfast looks like. Sometimes we'll have eggs or something else but this is something she loves to eat. 


green grapes
rice crackers with peanut butter

She'll typically eat one to two snacks during the day. This day she only had one snack because her nap ran pretty late and she slept trough the "second snack" window. 


tuna sandwich
cut green beans
unsweetened blueberry applesauce

Sometimes I'll cut her sandwich into small squares but lately she prefers taking bites off the whole sandwich. I think she sees us eating like that and she wants to copy. I was totally shocked that she even liked tuna but I'm so happy she does. 


homemade vegetable soup
1/2 cup raspberries

Lux absolutely loves this vegetable soup. I cook it in the slowcooker so everything is nice and soft for her. In the soup we have turnip, potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans and black beans. The raspberries are frozen and super cheap at Walmart. We opt for fresh when they're in season but frozen is just as good when you can't get them. 

So there it is! I hope this helps a little when you're trying to come up with some ideas. I can't wait to add more posts to this series! :)

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