Welcome to Life After Lux- your average lifestyle blog as told by me- Renee! I've been running this blog since 2014 (previously known as Lose The Road). You'll come to realize this blog is a bit of a mess. By that I mean I usually post about whatever I'm feeling that day. While majority of posts will probably showcase the adventures we embark on as a family, I also like writing about relationships, baby stuff, mental health, new recipes I try and even the occasional beauty post.

I guess you would class my blog as "niche-less" and honestly, I happen to like it that way- because my blog reflects my life. I couldn't imagine running a blog that only focuses on one part of my life(not that niche blogs are bad) I just prefer to write about all aspects of life.

So please do take a look around and leave a comment or two :)

PR and Disclaimer:

All products that have been reviewed or will be reviewed on this blog will always be my 100% honest opinions. You can trust me on that. If I like something, i'll tell you. If I don't like something, you can guarantee i'll tell you that too. 
With that being said this blog is PR friendly but only brands/companies that relate to me or my blog will be given consideration. Also take note that if I do write a review for you i'm going to be brutally honest about it :) 


  1. Oh my god! I LOVE James Patterson!! So happy to have found someone else who does! I have two book reviews on my blog from his books! Have your read the What is your favourite book from him? Feel free to email me! miriammn1993@gmail.com

    1. I know! When I saw one of your posts on him I was so excited!! My all time favorite book by him is called Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. I actually cried while reading it! I have a large James Patterson stash, I wish I could share it with you!