my ultimate bucket list

be debt free 

get at least 3 more tattoos

feel comfortable with my body

travel all of canada
nova scotia- I live here so..

prince edward island- aug 2015

travel all of the united states

ride in a hot air balloon

explore a castle

have a baby june 1/2016

touch an elephant

dye my hair blonde/dirty blonde

own/build a home

take lux to disney world

bungee jump

get my nose pierced

skydive - aug 28/2010

ride on a camel

go on a train ride

fly on a plane somewhere

get my driver's license 

maybe, possibly get married

go river rafting

see a whale

raise money for a local charity

road trip on a motorcycle

visit machu picchu

become a foster parent

adopt a child

try parasailing

have my own business

i'll probably continuously add to this list


  1. Love your bucket list Renee! I really need to write one down too. I think I'll save it for New Year's along with my resolutions :)

    Assia www.assiashahin.com

    1. Definitely! I'll check it out when you write one! :)

  2. Gee, Renee, most of your bucket list is not checked. Be careful, 40 is just around the corner.... BP in Oregon

    1. Well, considering I'm not even 30 yet, 40 is a little further away than "just around the corner". No worries though! I've got my entire life to finish my bucket list :)